The perfect smile makeover



River 8 is a revolutionary, painless, and truly affordable porcelain veneer solution for discolored, damaged, stained or misaligned teeth.


This latest porcelain veneers technology is radically transforming cosmetic dentistry worldwide, achieving a whitening result that lasts without bleaching.


Tired of repeating whitenings over and over again without a satisfying lasting result? River8 veneers make sure you have a permanent white smile ánd a perfectly aligned dentition, giving you not only a white but also a beautiful smile!




The perfect smile solution


Veneers, also called facets or facings, are ultrathin (0.5 mm) porcelain plates that are affixed to the front of the teeth to correct aesthetic imperfections. Do you have discoloured teeth, crooked, damaged or misaligned teeth? River8 veneers correct the shape and position of your teeth and give you a beautiful and permanent white smile.


Even more, River8 veneers look, feel and operate just like your natural teeth while your natural teeth remain untouched and stay healthy, strong and intact.

Long lasting


River8 veneers are made of high-quality pure porcelain. It’s time-tested! Many people who got porcelain veneers 20 years ago are still enjoying them today with no problems.

Why River8 veneers?


- Safe and painless -

- In two short visits -

- Truly affordable -

- Permanent white

- Perfectly aligned dentition -

- Long lasting -

- Your natural teeth remain untouched -

Safe and painless


The thickness of a River8 veneer can be compared to a contact lens (0.3 mm). These veneers are called ‘non prep’ (veneers without preparation) because healthy tooth structure generally does not have to be touched, making River8 a comfortable, safe and best of all, truly affordable way to transform the appearance of your teeth, creating a white, straight, young and healthy looking smile.


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