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River 8 is a revolutionary, painless, and truly affordable porcelain veneer solution for discolored, damaged, stained or misaligned teeth.


This latest porcelain veneers technology is radically transforming cosmetic dentistry worldwide, achieving a whitening result that lasts without bleaching.


Tired of repeating whitenings over and over again without a satisfying lasting result? River8 veneers make sure you have a permanent white smile ánd a perfectly aligned dentition, giving you not only a white but also a beautiful smile!



River8 veneers are ultrathin (0.2 – 0.5 mm), low translucent and super strong thanks to the porcelain used to fabricate the veneers: IPS E-max porcelain from the renowned international leader Ivoclar Vivadent.


One of the exceptional characteristics of this ceramic is its flexural strength of 360 to 400 MPa. Like the well known GlamSmile custom veneers, these veneers are CAD/CAM designed and manufactured to ensure consistent high quality.


33 Smile Boxes

River8 veneers come in Smile Boxes, each containing a set of eight veneers to cover the smile zone of an upper or lower arch. Smile Boxes for upper arches are available in three sizes, three shapes and three shades. Smile Boxes for lower arches are available in three shades, two sizes and one shape. That gives you a full range of 264 veneer options to perfectly match your patients' expectations.



low translucent


super strong


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Largest instant veneer assortment

River8 veneers solve many aesthetic problems, including discoloration, enamel defects and minor misalignments.


They can be applied to close diastema or lengthen the front teeth. You can also quickly find replacement veneers in the broad veneer collection.


With three different shapes, sizes and shades for the upper teeth and one shape, two sizes and three shades for the lower teeth, covering the perfect  smile zone of eight upper teeth and eight lower teeth, with 264 veneers River8 has the largest “Instant Veneer” assortment worldwide. This ensures maximum results for customizing your patients’ smiles.



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